How To Select Top Marketing Automation Platforms For Your Business

From generating a lead to finally turning it into a conversion, there are many repetitive tasks in the process of marketing a product or a service. However, these consuming tasks have to be done in some way in order to get the best results out of your marketing strategy. This is where marketing automation comes in. You can assign all the repetitive tasks in the marketing funnel to a marketing automation platform and focus on the things that truly need your attention. These range from sending emails, posting on social media, lead nurturing and doing regular follow ups with the existing customers to ensure customer retention. There are many seem only top marketing automation platforms in the market right now, and it’s always good to have at least some basic knowledge in what they do in order for you to pick the best option. Let us tell you how.

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Top Marketing Automation Platforms

Keeping a Central Marketing Database

One of the most important tasks of a marketing automation service is to gather and maintain a central marketing database that is well updated. A good sales automation service will do frequent checkups to ensure the entries in the database are updated and active which makes it one of the top marketing automation platforms. This database will be clear and organized in a way that is easily accessible, tracked and used whenever needed.

Top Marketing Automation Platforms

Email Marketing

Despite many recent outcries about email marketing being dead, according to statistics on digital marketing, this classing marketing method is here to stay. However, sending emails to your email list can be a repetitive and time-consuming task. Marketing automation companies offer you the service of handling your email list, updating it and sending it regular important emails in a way that keeps the relationship between you and your clients fresh and new.

Lead Nurturing

Once you successfully complete the first stages of the marketing funnel and secure a good lead, you need to work on properly nurturing it until it becomes a conversion. This includes many follow ups to maintain the relationship with your potential buyer. You can provide this task to a marketing automationservice and ensure it will be done consistently and well. If you do not nurture your leads, they are likely to wither and die due to lack of attention, or even stolen by your competitors since you were not giving the attention and the service it deserves.

Being Goal Oriented

If you want to weed out good marketing automation tools from the bad ones, always go for services which are target oriented. If you do not have a specific target set for your campaign, there won’t be much use even if you fully automate your marketing funnel. There should always be constant evaluations to measure and decide if what you do is truly working. If what you hire is one of the top marketing automation platforms, they would contact you, discuss with you about the options and move on to a better strategy than the previous method.

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