Benefits of Marketing Automation Tools

The marketing automation industry is growing at an outstanding rate. The sales and marketing automation tools enable benefits that marketing and sales teams could only dream about in past years. The benefits of workflow automation, increased revenue and amplified customer retention rates are obtainable by the vast number of marketing tools available today. The use of marketing automation software provides businesses with rich customer profile data, successful customer acquisition, retention and conversions to serve their markets better.

 Workflow Automation

To optimize the productivity of a marketing department, workflow automation rolls all inbound marketing campaign elements into one package. The calls-to-action, asset forms, and conversion pages are all tied into one business process automation task. It takes the repetitive and routine tasks off the plates of humans and allows for a smoother marketing workflow. The more advanced marketing automation tools software offer planning, approval, budgeting and workplace collaboration processes.

Marketing Automation Tools

Increased Revenue

The cost of marketing automation tools cannot be considered cheap, but the upfront cost is justified by the vast and lasting benefits that outweigh the initial investment. Seventy-eight percent of successful marketers attribute the use of marketing automation tools to their success. B2B marketers, that already had successful marketing campaigns, saw a twenty percent uptick of revenue from using these powerful marketing tools. Eighty-four percent of successful businesses use this marketing automation tools software.

Measurable Success

To determine the success of any marketing campaign, you need measurable data which is gained through enormous amounts of tracking and monitoring which is extremely time-consuming. With the use of marketing automation software which provides a way of tracking marketing expenses and monitoring responses to marketing campaigns which are based on success and failure rates. By delivering a high quality, precise and meaningful message to your existing customers or potential ones; could make all the difference in making your businesses successful.

Amp up Customer Retention

No matter if your business is large or small, it needs to grow. This requires a balancing act of customer acquisition and retention and these business automation tools provide insight into customer’s intent. The marketing intelligence in these marketing automation tools provides insight into customer’s intent for both prospective and existing clients.

The use of the platforms that offer businesses marketing automation tools creates a centralized hub that encompasses and takes care of the repetitive tasks required to have a successful marketing campaign. The burdens of email campaigns, search engine optimization, customer relationship management and social media campaigns are automatically done. Make your business successful by providing an easier way of marketing by using the powerful marketing automation software that is available today.

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