The Importance of Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

Many small business owners and marketers think that marketing automation is something they can put off until they grow in size. After all, you only have a small number of clients, there is no need to automate at this time, right? Wrong! Marketing automation does so much more than just e-mail and SMS sending. Comprehensive client analysis and lead generation are two of the top features of automation software that can draw additional revenue.

One common misconception associated with marketing automation is its cost. Many believe the software is too expensive for small businesses, this is why it is more commonly used in large corporations. In actuality, these ideas are highly inaccurate. Prices have been steadily dropping, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to implement automation as part of their marketing strategy.

You must consider marketing automation as a service, rather than a product. It should be thought of more as an investment than an expense. Luckily for small business owners, it actually falls under the Software as a Service category, meaning the cost will be based on the size of the company.

Don’t Fall Behind, Your Competitors Are Already Using Marketing Automation!

Reports show nearly 75% of top-performing small businesses with under 500 employees are currently using some type of marketing automation. If you ask any number of these users, they will agree that automation plays an important role in the success of their marketing endeavors.

Increased revenue, fostering of leads and valuable customer engagement are among the top benefits that users have reported. These three things are imperative to the growth for any small business. Any product that can help generate more sales, retain the clients you currently have, while keeping them informed through meaningful engagement is worth the investment.

Advantages of Marketing Automation for Your Small Business

Revenue growth. Marketing automation eases the workload by handling redundant tasks. For businesses that have to stick to a tight budget, having less work that must completed by employees can save a great deal of money. When paid workers can spend more on strategy, rather than on repetitive tasks will eventually lead to growth in revenue.

Higher conversion rates. When using these services, you will see an increase in your conversion rate. You will now know more about your customers and leads than ever before. The software makes running e-mail and SMS campaigns simple. It will be easy to understand exactly what messages your targeted market responds to best. You can create complete profiles based on e-mail response rates, prior purchases and several other contributing factors. Once you learn more about your market, you can offer the content the content they desire.

Lead engagement. All leads need to be nurtured and automation will do this for you.  Features like behavioral tracking will show you which of your advertising techniques are working. This gives you valuable insight on what content you need to keep them engaged in order to convert. Integrating a CRM for personalized interaction will make them feel appreciated.

Improved customer experience. Nothing turns a customer off more than a bad service experience. When an issue arises, they want to feel like it has been handled in a timely manner. Marketing automation offers better quality and efficiency of customer service. Without it, it’s difficult to find the time to deal with every customer question or complaint.

Consistency. One of the most tedious tasks for small businesses is to maintain consistency across different social networks. Trying to reach out to your clients every day during a certain timeframe can be almost impossible. Thanks to automation software, you can now schedule all of your posts in advance.

Detailed reports. Of course, you will want to see the results of your inbound, e-mail and social media campaigns. The traditional way can take days to compile these reports. Marketing automation will take the responsibility off your shoulders. With the right tools, detailed reports can be right at your fingertips in just a few clicks, enabling you to make wiser decisions based on real-time data.

We are living in an age where everything in marketing, and just about everything that surrounds us, is managed by technology. Business owners and marketers who are trying to grow are far too busy to sit down and send out one-off messages like in the past. They now rely on tools that can cater their customers even when they are not able to be there physically. Marketing automation is the solution that makes this possible.

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