How to Use Online Marketing Management Software

The rapid evolution of traditional marketing within the last two decades has now brought us to the era of online marketing. It is now almost impossible to survive as a business without a strong presence online. However, if you are a startup or a small business owner without much knowledge on marketing and technology, it can be hard to compete with the every growing market since marketing strategists are often expensive to hire. For those who want to make sure your business gets the needed online exposure without having to spend a lot of money in maintaining a marketing department in the business, there are online marketing management software that will do the work for you. With little to no training, you can use these software to automate your marketing efforts.

Online Marketing Management Software

Online Marketing Management Software

What Does a Marketing Automation Tool Do?

Before we go into how one should use online marketing management software, it is important to know what you have to deal with. The services that they offer are usually different from one company to another. However, there are a general set of tasks that can be automated when considering the sales funnel for any marketing strategy. One of the most popular tasks to be complete through an automation tool is email marketing. You can create valuable content that you want to send your list of emails including links to deals and blog updates then set your marketing automation tool to send it to your subscribers.

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Lead nurturing is another important task that can be done through an marketing automation software which is basically an umbrella term to keep in touch and follow up with your already existing leads. With most of your efforts are directed to generating new leads, it is often common to forget to nurture and maintain the relationships of your already existing leads. You can send thank you emails, regular follow ups to check on their satisfaction after service or merely inform them about your new services through a lead nurturing strategy made by a sales automation tool you find online.

How to Use a Sales Automation Tool?

One of the first tasks done by using your new online marketing management software is creating a database of all your existing and potential leads. This database will be growing as the leads grow, and the automation tools will be making sure that all the leads you have on it are active and updated. There will be frequent checkups to weed out any dead leads which will waste your resources. After creating a good database, you will have to set up your automation activities including email follow ups, social media scheduling, newsletters and such, scheduled to specific time intervals.

These marketing automation tools often come with many features to make your marketing strategy more attractive, such as email templates, design tools and ways to make emails more personalized to the sender. It is also important that you know while sales automation would happen through the software, taking that extra mile for occasional manual involvement and engaging with customers will set your business apart from others for sure.

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