Marketing Automation Makes Your Life Easier

You may be wondering what is marketing automation exactly and how can it help you. Marketing Automation involves implementing software that has the capability to automate repetitive tasks that you or your employees would normally perform manually. This could be a number of things, including workflows, daily posts, automated emails, redundant tasks, SMS, invoicing and so much more.


Small Business Automation

When it comes to your small business, automation can be configured to help with vital functions of your marketing and broader spectrum of your business.

This may include:
  • Marketing – engaging and nurturing your potential customers
  • Lead Generation – automatic collection of new leads and prospects
  • Email Marketing – sending messages and communications, such as welcome emails to customers and targeted leads
  • Sales – helps to convert leads and customers into a sale by encouraging the purchase of your product or services
  • Ecommerce – will automatically handle and process payments made on your site
  • Fulfillment – makes sure products are delivered to those who have made a purchase
  • Affiliates – assists other people who wish to promote your business
  • Referrals – the system requests referrals for you


Ways Marketing Automation Can Help Your Productivity

There are numerous ways your business will benefit from marketing automation. Here are a few samples of how business automation can handle daily tasks and increases productivity:

  • Follow up immediately on any questions or comments your website receives
  • Reaching out to your complete subscriber list alerting them to your latest blog post
  • Following up with potential customers about their interest in a product or service via email
  • Quoting a price to your prospects where they are able to either accept or decline online
  • Sending out a welcome email to new customers immediately after making a purchase
  • Reaching out to customers to request feedback in reference to a product or service they have recently purchased, then using that feedback to follow up appropriately
  • Emailing your daily video series for a week at a time

Other advanced tasks could include:

  • Arrange for a callback from a salesperson once someone reaches a call to action after watching a promotional video
  • If someone isn’t interacting with the company, you can reach out to them and try to peak their interest
  • Making it simple for subscribers to register for your upcoming seminar by simply clicking a link found within an email
  • Keeps track of those contacts who interact with your content on a regular basis and puts them in separate lead category, so that follow ups with these warmer leads can be more targeted and personalized
  • You will be notified when a potential customer is viewing and showing interest in your sales page so that a company representative can reach out to them
  • You can create a campaign that will reach out to any monthly subscribers that haven’t attended a webinar recently in hopes of getting them to register and avoid cancellations


Why Concern Yourself with Marketing Automation?

As you can see, marketing automation can be utilized in numerous ways to help grow a small business. Automation is valuable regardless of what stage of development your business is in.

Here are some of the most convincing reasons why you should waste no time investing in marketing automation:

  • Saves you time by using cutting-edge software to deliver emails and other repetitive tasks, meaning you can also save on labor costs. Marketing automation will automatically accomplish things that used to have to be completed manually by a live person.
  • The right marketing automation will fill any gaps that your business may have. For example, when you have a potential lead that is showing interest, but isn’t ready to make a purchase just yet. Marketing automation will jump in and follow up, nurture the prospect and then make an offer when they are ready.
  • When you set up your system and processes there will be a definite consistency to your workflow. You will never have to worry about your potential customers falling through the cracks.
  • When using marketing automation, you will always know who your warm leads are. Your software will automatically send targeted emails to your potential customers. This saves precious time that you may be wasting on people that aren’t ready yet.

Hopefully you now have a better understanding of marketing automation software and how it can help you grow your business.

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