It’s time to embrace Internet marketing automation for a greater online presence

If it’s buzzing and trending, then we’ve definitely got to speak about it! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about internet marketing automation; a core part of any advertising model.

And we dare not downplay its importance. Today, online internet marketing has ascended to the top of the list and is considered one of the biggest avenues of advertising today.

In fact, what was once thought impossible is gradually culminating before our eyes; that is, the day that influencer marketing takes the place of the top dawg in the marketing sphere.

So it’s no surprise that most businesses today, whether SMEs or corporate colossuses, are leaning towards internet marketing automation to make their online presence skyrocket.

It’s basic math really; a large online presence will definitely result in more leads, which will subsequently mean more conversions.

So why do you need internet marketing automation?

Long gone are the days of television ads being the most fashionable advertising preference out there. Thanks to the booming smartphone industry in place, millions of people are currently engaged and connected to their mobile phones more than ever!

And the numbers don’t lie. It’s crystal clear that online internet marketing is taking up the lion’s share of content when it comes to mobile phone consumerism.

So for your business to really rake in the big bucks, you’ve got to have a god-like online internet marketing presence. We’re talking views surging in the millions and social shares in the hundreds of thousands!

For this to happen, you’ve got to have a solid marketing model. And internet marketing automation is undoubtedly the answer.


The Benefits of Internet marketing automation

Now that we’ve seen the importance of internet marketing automation, it’s time we divulged some of the benefits of utilizing it. Perhaps to boost your confidence as your progress with your automation plans.


  1. The Time-Saving Factor- Of course, we had to kick it off with this precious variable! Because trust us when we say that it can be chaotic to schedule numerous posts for your varying online internet marketing platforms and to reply to all your leads at the same time!

So imagine if you had the ability to manage your social presence from one application? Wouldn’t that not free up your hours? That being said, it…

  1. Frees up time for other marketing endeavors Now that you’ve got time on your hands, you can definitely invest those precious hours in other avenues of promoting your business. For example, you can focus on content creation such as blog writing and photo editing that will subsequently increase brand awareness.

Apart from that, those freed up hours will definitely come in handy when it comes to improving user engagement. You can improve aspects of your customer service by being more proactive when it comes to responding to varied user requests.

Perhaps you’ve had an issue testing what type of content works as well as the type of messages that actually perform pretty well on your social media? We’re talking about improving you’re A/B as well as split testing.

  1. Increases your ability to strengthen your marketing tactics- You can now execute valuable research on keywords via automatic list generation of phrases and keywords as well as on content that is widely used in your market space. This way, you can create content that attracts followers interested in the given subject matter, and improve your overall SEO marketing strategies.


You can further build on your lists; that is focus on significant competitors, influencers, or any other vital group for that matter.

Additionally, are you planning to launch a fresh approach to your marketing techniques? If yes, then now would be a great time to collect some of the names as well as emails of your beloved followers and fans. This way, you can effectively use them for future remarketing strategies.

  1. Limits the need for engagement reports based on your online internet marketing progress-Say goodbye to all the fuss related to internal documentation regarding your online internet marketing progressiveness. You can easily access all this information on one of the automated software apps that you have selected to use for automation. In fact, timeintensive reports will definitely be a thing of the past!

In parting, the benefits of internet marketing automation are truly endless. Heck, if we touched base on all of them, we’d consider publishing an e-book altogether! That being said, internet marketing automation is definitely worth checking out and incorporating to your social media. It is without doubt an upgrade for your online marketing strategy!

So if you’d like to learn the ropes around internet marketing automation and how to improve your online presence, you can confidently do so with our expert assistance here at 4spotMarketing. Book a free appointment with us today and get professional consultation!


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  • So why do you need internet marketing automation?
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