How to use Marketing Automation to Give Your Startup a Corporate Outlook

One of the most critical moments for any startup is its development stage. In fact, think of your startup like a little baby. Then think of marketing automation like a bottle of milk. And as we know, one of the key factors for nourishing a baby is milk. So just like an infant, your startup needs marketing automation to help overcome its growing pains.

Today, marketing automation has become the linchpin for every startup looking to solidify a position for itself within its target niche. It has received tremendous success because it allows the startup to function in a similar manner to big corporate brands that have tremendous capital at their disposal. And why does it work? Simply because it evens the playing ground; allowing the startup to showcase itself in front of prospects with minimal effort!

Don’t take marketing automation lightly

Now don’t get us wrong, startups shouldn’t look at marketing automation as a one-way ticket to success. In fact, a lot of time and effort should be invested into marketing automation to make it work. If you’ve heard of new startups that flopped despite using marketing automation, then here are three probable assumptions they made:

  • That marketing automation will easily bring money their way- This is total malarkey. In fact, automation on its own is devoid of any monetary gains. That’s because automation only work on the processes that you’ve assigned it to. If you haven’t done your homework and determined your buyer personas, executed your revenue mapping, or even started on any sale-alignments projects, then your business is not ready for business automation.
  • Results will manifest fast- This is another common misconception that we hear floating around. We have to understand is that automation is education based, which means that it compiles information collected overtime. These include sales stats, buyer behavior, and last but not least feedback. To have such information, automation needs to have been around for quite some time.
  • You will automatically have new leads generated-Yes, it’s true that one of the sole reasons that marketing automation was popularized was to help companies generate leads with less complexities involved. However, we have to understand that it specializes in lead finding and nurturing; not instant generation. In simple terms, it records any new entries you got via search-engine optimization, online content, third-party initiatives, as well as pay-per-click, and then avails them to you. It’s up to you employing aggressive reach-out strategies to help transform these leads into conversions.

So how do you come up with a great plan for marketing automation?

The first step is to avoid the aforementioned assumptions on marketing automation at all costs. Doing so will get your creative juices up and running so that you can come up with an effective model for your startup. You also have to understand that though your marketing plans may evolve overtime as your business grows, automation is highly adaptable. You can continue to tweak your automation processes to steady your sales operations as well as account management.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind as you continue to expand marketing automation to your business.

  • Think ahead-Marketing automation itself is always evolving. And to stay one step ahead of the competition, you’ve got to keep an eye on its expansion. In fact, you should make automation a big part of your newsfeed to get as much info as possible on software updates, releases, and products that will inevitably improve your marketing strategies. Apart from doing research, you’ve also got to be good with what you’re utilizing right now. Take for example CRM software such as Infusionsoft; you’ve got to know the ropes around how to effectively implant it to your marketing strategy. This will help you build on your skills with every update that is put in place.
  • Never prioritize speed over quality- One of the things that cripples startups is the ‘just get it done’ mindset. Yes, it works when we muse over it short-term. But prioritizing speed over quality is just putting paper over cracks. With time, our marketing strategies will crumble. So whenever we utilize automation, let’s focus on how effectively it works, rather than how fast it works. Though it is also important that we strike a perfect balance between speed and quality. Because extremely slow speeds with automation are just as toxic to the growth of your startup.

In a nutshell, marketing automation is definitely a life-line for any startup. Hence, if you would like more useful information concerning the familiarities of marketing automation, feel free to book a free appointment with 4SpotMarketing today.


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