How Marketing Automation Streamlines Your Business and Makes Your Life Easier

Importance of Marketing Automation

There are services that offer simpler solutions for habitual marketing tasks, such as streamlining sales operations, reducing costs, being able to retain customers and increasing conversion rates. Any tools, such as software, that aid in simplifying these repetitive tasks are considered Marketing Automation.

Automating Email Marketing Campaigns

By using an automation platform to track the success of email campaigns, businesses can obtain detailed data and reports regarding user response and activity. They can also detect if any emails are bouncing back, if email data is incorrect or if there’s any geographical interference. In other words, these reports can aid the marketing department in assessing how effective a marketing campaign is, with real time data and displaying real expenses.

Automating Lead Capture, Nurturing and Scoring

Through marketing automation you can capture leads using forms and they will automatically be routed to the CRM and keep it updated. As they come in, they can automatically be pushed through a lead nurturing program. This helps marketers analyze the keywords, search engines and sites that provide the highest conversion rates.

Easy Access to Marketing Reports

You can receive detailed marketing reports which can assist you in measuring and fine tuning your campaigns. Activity summary reports can be personalized according to a specific campaign or timeframe/deadline. If possible, schedule these reports to be sent on specific days and to specific members in the organization that can continue the process.

Closed-Loop Automation

Automation minimizes common, time intensive, repetitive tasks through the identification of leads, their capture and the nurture of low-quality ones. It also routes leads to the sales departments and measures how effective the “closed-loop” marketing process is. Through the automation of these tasks, marketing departments can focus on important tasks and numbers, such as conversion rates and the measurement of these results.


All the data is integrated in one place, a single dashboard. This integration is the most important factor to the whole process since it allows companies to leverage individual parts and pieces into a single process. Even more important, it allows marketers to measure and analyze how successful a component of a marketing campaign is or isn’t.


Marketing automation provides a great number of benefits, since it helps marketing and sales departments work together with ease through bettering communication and increasing transparency between both departments. This platform is connected with the CRM and provides measurable data regarding the quality and quantity of leads being funneled to the sales department.This complete process forms an automatic feedback loop which allows sales reps to use their time more effectively by adjusting leads according to the department’s needs.


By consolidating this lead-to-sales conversion funnel, marketing departments obtain better insight about which methods work and which don’t. It’s similar to the process at an assembly line, since it can be tuned and modified at any time. It also provides measurable data along each step of the way, pointing where ROI can be quantified and increased. This results in companies getting more ROI on their marketing budget.


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