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Business Process Automation is still somewhat new to some business, but the process of automating has long been present in the industry.  It comes in a lot of forms; you may see it in the self-service gas refilling station, the line of assembling in the automobile industry and others.  The automation of the document or the process of turning the papers and documents into digital form is also known as automation.  With the aid of the business process automation software, the whole process will become affordable, modernized, human-error free and more accessible.  You may look at the automation as the manager who is highly aware about the things that every department requires in order to efficiently perform their task.  Here’s how automation can help in different departments.

Still Performing Manual on Your Department?  Automate it!

Automating the Accounts Payable

In a manual accounting department, the bookkeeper will be tasked to process around 200 invoices per week.  Every invoice is required to be printed and will be manually delivered to each employee.  Traditionally, it will take up to 22 days to complete the process due to the amount of signatures needed to complete the invoice.  With the help of the business process automation software, invoices will be scanned and will be stored at the content management system before they will be distributed electronically, probably with the help of e-mail automation software.  The entire process will be recorded to ensure that managers will be able to see the history of every invoice.  According to the experts, automating the accounts payable system can save at least $8,000 on the paper costs alone.

Business Process Automation Software

Business Process Automation Software

Management of Contract

In the corporate world, a manager will need to manage at least 500 contracts per year.  They are finding it hard to keep up with the business deadlines which cause them to miss it that incurs an additional 15% charges.  By using business process automation software, the contracts will be electronically processed from the beginning up to the end.  This will remove the requirement of scanning the document, faxes and reduce the time and cost of training.  With the help of a mobile marketing automation, the user can remotely analyze the contracts, and the approval will normally take only a matter of three days instead of waiting for months.

Human Resources

Job application and advertisement are conducted digitally which is beneficial for the applicants and the HR manager.  Resume and Cover Letter may now be sent through e-mail, and the HR department will reply with the use of e-mail automation software.  The final set of application will be electronically moved to the main recruiter for final approval.

Business process automation software is designed to streamline the process, become more productive and reduce the cost and time needed to fulfill the task.

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