What is the Main Differences Between Marketing Automation and CRM?

Unless you are familiar with the logistics of the marketing world, you may not realize that marketing CRM programs and automation marketing are actually rather different. One of the biggest differences in the two different types of marketing programs is the audience that they target.

Marketing CRM

Marketing CRM is more sales based focused, while automation marketing is marketing based focused. Sales force is one of the leading CRM companies that say CRM is a strategy that works to help manage all company interactions with you customers, both prospective and current.

The CRM based system will help by saving all data and pertinent information like your customer’s personal information into the company database. Customer service and the sales staff can use data from CRM software to help optimize their interactions with customers. They can see where in the process of the sale, a potential customer is, and can have a larger picture of the customer including their history with the company, which helps in communication.

Automation Marketing

While another leading marketing company, Market, is leading the world with automation marketing instead. They define their system as system that allows you to automate and streamline important marketing tasks. They provide you with the ability to utilize workflow automation.

Automation marketing gives you the ability to store some of the similar information you have in the CRM programming, such as personal information, that’s the one common denominator between the two.

With marketing automation, you can funnel all activities from your prospects such as the times they open any of your emails, read your blog postings or even visit your website. The reason many marketers like to use automation marketing is that it gives them the ability to track their campaigns, which is a huge advantage, especially in the world of email marketing.

Marketing automation allows you to segment your current prospects into the right mailing lists based on other interactions within your company. They also will generate an analytics report to show you how successful any of your campaigns were previously. This is one of the biggest advantages of marketing automation, it allows you to generate and foster your new leads and have them ready to go for your sales staff.


Before making the final decision on what type of software to use, you will want to review the benefits to each type of program before making the final decision. Marketing can be challenging if you are not familiar with the programs and features. It’s important to make sure you have an understanding of the types of programs available and how you can use them to your benefit to help generate sales and new leads for your company.

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