Difference Between CRM And Marketing Automation Platforms

Most of people who have a relationship with marketing techniques often confuse CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms into believing that it is the exact same thing. They have two very different purposes, and it is time to find out more about those two different techniques.

Marketing automation and CRM have two different focuses. CRM is mainly focused on sales automation. Marketing automation has its main focus to the marketing techniques and methods. CRM is ultimately a strategy in order to be able to manage all of your internal interactions inside the company when it comes to your current or your potential customers.

CRM And Marketing Automation Platforms

CRM And Marketing Automation Platforms

Your CRM system will help you save all of the important information of your customers, such as address, name, phone number and any other information that your company finds necessary and important.

Marketing Automation

 On the other hand, marketing automation is responsible for all of your streamlining, and the automate process. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to measure your marketing tasks and the workflow of your company.

This is perhaps the only common ground of CRM and marketing automation platforms. The ability to withhold all the important information of your clients is the only thing that those features have in common.

Marketing Automation Special Features

This amazing tool will help your clients when they visit your site, when they try to open their emails or when they read your interesting blog posts or when they have to fill out a certain form. The most experienced marketers are already using the marketing automation in order to program and track all of their marketing campaigns. The most important ones are of course the email campaigns that bring a massive response from all potential customers.

What Does the Marketing Automation Include?

With this technique, you have the ability to segment all of the prospects to your mailing lists, based on all past interactions that you had with your customers.

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This technique allows you to send automated emails when you can see that a specific item or product interests one individual.

When the campaign will be completed this system can generate all the useful analytics in order to see how successful or not your campaign was.

What Does the CRM Include?

All the members of the sales department can actually observe the customer’s stages and help them to complete their purchase. Additionally, this system can offer you some targeted marketing material that will most likely lead to actual sales.

When a customer is trying to reach you, you can have an immediate knowledge of who they are and their previous history with you and your company. If you choose a certain CRM system, you may also have the ability to sync all of your social media platforms. This way you will have the chance to lead targeted traffic on your website.

Though both systems can be really useful for your company and your potential customers, you have to find out what your exact needs are in order to use the appropriate system.

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