Introduction To B2C Marketing Automation Tools

In the industry of marketing and sales automation, B2B is considered as the king. Most of them are looking for the best B2B automation tools in order to maximize their growth. However, the B2C marketing automation tools should not be ignored. In this article, we will try to cover the different marketing and sales automation and also the future of the automation platform.

Common Features of the B2C Marketing Automation Tools.

Before we start, it is important to know the difference between the B2B and B2C automation tools. B2B is basically dealing with a specific targeted market to deliver a qualified and high-priority lead to the sales representatives. The B2C Marketing Automation Tools, on the other hand, is taking a diverse approach. Under the B2C, the product and the brand of the business is considered more important than the customer’s engagement. Sales cycle is normally speedy and short. The key towards the success of the business is focused on increasing the value and merchandising.

B2C Marketing Automation Tools

B2C Marketing Automation Tools

For this simple reason, the marketing and sales automation of B2C can help in reducing the rate of cart abandonment, take advantage of the partnership and increase the possibility that the e-mail messages will be opened. It also have the power to boost the revenue through selling/upselling, create nurturing campaign and conduct loyalty programs automatically.

Marketing Automation Sellers

Just like the B2B automation, the B2C Marketing Automation Tools are also available in two types; the one designed for enterprise use and the one intended for small businesses.

Enterprise AutomationNeolane-designed on a single platform that manages analytics, customer data, resources, leads and marketing campaign which effectively improves the company’s ROI and marketing strategy. They claim that they are being utilized by more than 400 leading companies worldwide such as Sony, Sephora and Alcatel.

Unica- This Marketing Automation tool is owned by IBM. They provide the company with resource management, offline and online lead generation and customer analytics.SAS- SAS provides business analytics it is one of the biggest independent B2C Marketing Automation Tools which can help the companies plan, analyze and conduct their marketing campaign.

APrimo- this platform is easier to use compared with the other marketing automation They have modular software which allows the business owners to integrate their marketing strategies and streamline their marketing process which will improve the company’s ROI.

SMB (Small-Medium Business) Marketing Automation

1. Exact Target- This automation tool comes with an interaction tool that allows the business to have an individual view of their customers. Some companies using this platform include Nike, Jet Blue Airways and Home Depot.

2. Alterian- This marketing and sales automation platform comes with analytics, engagement management, email marketing, social media marketing and content management.

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In terms of the future of the B2C Marketing Automation Tools, it is currently hitting a tipping point. This is due to the fact that the leaders of the industry started adopting sales and marketing automation platform. The success that they achieve with the help of automation is truly undeniable.

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