Examples of B2C Marketing Automation Platforms

One big problem of businesses all around the world is the need for an additional time that all the marketers need in order to focus to the big strategy project. Marketing automation has come to give the ultimate answer to this problem. It is now a fact that sales automation has increased the leads and revenue percentages to all the companies that have been using it for a short time period.

B2C Marketing Automation Platforms

B2C Marketing Automation Platforms

If you haven’t used this tool in the past, here are some interesting examples on how you should use the B2C marketing automation platforms for your own benefit. It is crucial to purchase the right platform, but also to learn how to efficiently use it.

Welcome Response

When a potential customer is completing the registration process, a welcoming automated answer should appear on his/her email address. This email has to be fun and welcoming in a way that it can invite the customer to further browse to your website. This is an amazing opportunity to use sales automation and let your customers know exactly what you can offer to them.

After Sales Feedback

This is a very important function of the marketing automation. This way you can gather all the important information from your current customers and sell to them new purchasing opportunities as well. This is an amazing opportunity to help them leave their rating and their photos. This is your chance to let them know about other products they might also like, depending on the things they have already purchased.

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Now, for those customers who didn’t click on your first email, you can now easily send them a reminder. Perhaps this time you can include a tempting offer for them. Include an offer that it will only last a specific time period. With your new marketing automation, you can do anything.

Multiple Campaigns

Instead of spending many hours trying to create campaigns for the email, the text or the social media, the B2C marketing automation platforms can help you save valuable time. Create a unified program or campaign that will be spread across all media, in different time periods.


After a specific time period of someone’s last purchase, it is time to win them over. A ‘we miss you’ text or email can make a huge difference in your overall sales. Try to always keep in touch with your former customers. They are the ones who are going to propose your products to other people in the future.

There are several other marketing techniques that B2C marketing automation platforms will help you use with ease. No more endless hours spend in marketing methods that change every passing day. Now, you can have them all in one single platform.

Find the one that best suits your needs and preferences and insert sales automation in to your business. You will love its immediate results and the positive outcome that it will have on your branding.

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