B2C marketing automation platforms

Marketers know B2C marketing automation platforms play a major role in improving both existing performance and customer engagement altogether. By utilizing any digital campaign management solution that incorporates automation, marketers gain insight and deliver better data-driven content than before.           




Marketers who are interested in increasing online engagement, real-time personalizations,

helpful customer behavioral data, and even gaining 1-to-1 relationship marketing strategies, use

marketing automation tools to stay well ahead of the game. Here’s three reasons for why

marketing professionals employ B2C marketing automation and see true success within digital


1. B2C Marketing Automation Platforms Can Free Up Your Valuable Time

With any such trustworthy automated system, marketers usually have more productivity and

flexibility and are no longer solely devoted to regular mundane tasks, like organizing their

campaign’s subscribers or touching base with site visitor inquiries. This extra time thus allows

them to focus on the following:

  • Analyzing past campaign results and conversion rates
  • Developing new ideas for digital and social media interaction with customers
  • Creating new marketing campaigns to be set up for automation


There’s many ways B2C marketing automation can engage tasks for today’s marketing

professional. For instance, welcome messages, reminders, and countless other lifecycle emails

are easily automated. An omnichannel engagement solution can even address each task of the

customer’s lifecycle through one easily-managed, automated platform.

2. B2C Marketing Automation Platforms Drive Conversions and Engagement

Marketers with marketing automation see an increased engagement and conversion rate through

their sites and campaigns. More than half of all automation users saw such rates increase through

customer interest, continued engagement, and more. Here’s what it does:

  • Moves site visitors, subscribers, or followers a real-time sales funnel
  • Provides more personalized content to attract the buyer’s online behavior and habits
  • Provides in-depth data explicit to what each customer wants at each moment


Personalized customer interactions that are focused on the individual’s specific needs are the

marketing automation solution that drives interest and engagement online.

3. B2C Marketing Automation Platforms Give Companies Their Unique, Competitive Edge

Such methods have already become popular strategies for several successful companies, so the

focus turns to seeking the most reliable and personalized platforms out there. CEOs and

marketers turn to 4Spot Marketing because we:


  • Help improve data, efficiency, or execution with any platform
  • Provide a solution to lower costs through our easily-customizable system
  • Offer a greater customer impact while stressing 1-to-1 relationships in marketing and unique personalization


From a marketing & communications perspective, the answer to many of today’s B2C challenges lies within a basic principle: delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, and through the right channels. The principle sounds simple. Executing it without the best tools isn’t. That’s what we offer: intelligent, targeted and personalized communication delivered efficiently.

  • Capture or integrate massive amounts of meaningful information from nearly any source — such as SAP, CRM, e-commerce, or web analytics.
  • Analyze, then assimilate it all quickly through easy-to-understand visual dashboards with reports.
  • Use the insight gleamed to then engage in real-time conversations across multiple channels.
  • Send highly targeted messages or value propositions to both enrich and accelerate the customer’s journey from engagement to conversion.

It seems that, more and more, marketers tend to abandon those “one-off campaigns” in place of

marketing automation. Through interacting with each customer at the proper time and place, this

can grow any company’s online prescence. 4Spot Marketing offers integrated digital campaign

platforms that provide personalized, customer-focused content.


Drive traffic to you. Cut those costs. Personalize each messaging campaign altogeter. To grow

your audience engagement through marketing automation, contact 4Spot Marketing today!

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