B2B marketing automation software

Marketing automation can offer B2B companies a sole solution for managing various tasks, including campaign development, email marketing, landing page creation, and even capturing, scoring or nurturing leads, among several other automated tasks. Here’s a closer look at five unique B2B marketing automation software platforms and what they can offer.


Each of these includes the following standard features:

  •    Email marketing
  •    Analytics that can track visitors to websites
  •    The capturing, scoring, or nurturing of leads
  •    A centralized marketing database
  •    Superb CRM integration
  •    Data analysis and reporting


  1. Eloqua    


Eloqua helps B2B companies or marketing managers to create several landing pages, email marketing tools, and even submit forms via an editor. This platform’s very user-friendly and features drag-and-drop placement that’s incredibly easy to use. The email subscription manager comes with features that allow users to both effortlessly manage email recipients lists and set up fresh email campaigns.


The platform’s features are as follows:

  1.    Analytics for ROI tracking
  2.     Campaign segmentation
  3.     Contact management
  4.     Landing pages and web forms
  5.     Lead management
  6.     Lead nurturing
  7.     Lead scoring
  8.    Multi-channel management
  9. InfusionSoft


InfusionSoft’s also quite the popular choice for B2B companies selling through both sites and on-ground retail locations. This platform’s web-based and offers  live, online training so that users may learn how to navigate the feature-rich system. It features a visual Campaign Builder made to simplify the campaign- building process overall. InfusionSoft’s customer service is perhaps one of the most outstanding, including an online chat option widely available to walk all users through its system, should they experience difficulties.


The platform’s features are as follows:

  1.     Analytics/ROI tracking
  2.     Campaign segmentation
  3.     Contact management
  4.     Email drip campaigns
  5.     Landing pages and web forms
  6.     Lead management
  7.     Lead nurturing
  8.     Lead scoring
  9.     Multi-channel management
  10. Marketo


Marketo’s marketing automation software can provide a robust, yet simple solution in building single-pipeline marketing or sales. Its lead management capabilities can automate demand generations and capture leads through a targeted landing page and even by using smart forms. Users then nurture the leads with triggered or automatic-drip email campaigns. A nice attributes is that it’s available to users on-demand. Thus, you won’t need a contract or to pay up-front fees.


This platform’s features are as follows:

  1. Analytics/ROI tracking
  2. Campaign segmentation
  3. Contact management
  4. Email drip campaigns
  5. Lead management
  6. HubSpot


HubSpot excels, especially in helping businesses to get discovered online. This platform will convert your business’s website traffic into customers. You can optimize campaigns based off of analytics and results. HubSpot also gives users easy ways to fine-tune SEO efforts and promotes such efforts by creating blogs and other types of web content , often through CMS – or Content Management Systems. It’ll integrate ways to leverage any social media accounts, includinh Facebook and LinkedIn.


This platform features are many as well:

  1.  Analytics/ROI tracking
  2.  Campaign segmentation
  3.  Contact management
  4.   Email drip campaigns
  5.   Lead management
  6.   Multi-channel management
  7.   Search marketing
  8.  Social marketing
  9. Pardot

    Pardot’s a top-notch B2B automation platform made to accelerate your pipeline while driving your revenue. It’ll mesh marketing and sales to allow you easy tracking for every prospect interaction — whether it’s site downloads or page views, you’ll to score more prospects according to a customized parameter set. Sales reps often take advantage of such wonderful lead- nurturing potential with real-time sales alerts as well. They’ll easily set priorities around their own time. Marketing managers can then better measure ROI by their closed-loop reporting.

    This platform features all the following:
    1.    Quality Analytics and ROI tracking
    2.    Special Campaign Segmentation
    3.    Solid Contact Management
    4.    Direct Mail Management
    5.    Email “Drip Campaign” Support
    6.    Landing Pages/Web Forms
    7.    Top-Notch Lead Management
    8.    Lead Scoring and Further Nurturing
    9.    Customized Multi-channel Management
  10.   Multivariate Testing
    11.   Social or Search Marketing
    12.   Constant Site Visitor Tracking for Each Encounter                                                                                                                                                     
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