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Is CRM Necessary for Your Small Business?

This is a common question many small business owners ask themselves. The answer – Probably. During the confusion and excitement of getting your small business up and running, your need for technology systems is probably not at the forefront of your mind. Although, it really should be considered at some point. Picking the right fit [...]

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B2C marketing automation platforms

Marketers know B2C marketing automation platforms play a major role in improving both existing performance and customer engagement altogether. By utilizing any digital campaign management solution that incorporates automation, marketers gain insight and deliver better data-driven content than before.              3 REASONS FOR USING B2C MARKETING AUTOMATION      Marketers who are interested in [...]

Automation for the New Age

The Wall Street Journal describes how marketing is becoming increasingly automated as a result of new technologies. "It's not that the goals of marketing have changed, but the means to achieve them." A wide-variety of automation tools are available to enhance your small business's digital presence and marketing campaigns. These business automation tools can make [...]

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Facebook Ads

Have you ever wondered what that extra option was for marketing yourself and making your business or brand presence known? Well, have you considered Facebook advertising? Let there be no confusion: Facebook advertising truly is one of the leading causes of site visitors out there today. Just think about it: When people browse Facebook, what’s [...]

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B2B marketing automation software

Marketing automation can offer B2B companies a sole solution for managing various tasks, including campaign development, email marketing, landing page creation, and even capturing, scoring or nurturing leads, among several other automated tasks. Here’s a closer look at five unique B2B marketing automation software platforms and what they can offer.   Each of these includes [...]

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Automation – Alphabet Soup

When it comes to automation, there are so many abbreviations and keywords that it may feel like you're wading through alphabet soup. The following are 11 of the most important automation-related abbreviations and keywords you need to know:                             Automation: The application of technology to make a machine, process or system operate more efficiently. For [...]

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Automated Tests and More – A World to Explore

Keyword-Driven Tests vs. Test Scripts     Writing scripts requires knowledge of scripting languages provided by the automated testing tool, whether it is VBScript, JScript or any other scripting language. As you can imagine, creating keyword-driven tests is much easier and faster than writing scripts. Unlike scripts, keyword-driven tests do not require detailed knowledge of scripting [...]

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3 Great Reasons Why Small Business Automation is Key

Minimize costs and manual errors process automation:Reduce Money and Errors   By substituting human vulnerabilities with the accuracy of a machine, you bypass the expensive costs associated with manual errors and inefficiencies. Late payments, slow sales approvals, and payments for goods never received are all very expensive errors. Automation can also save lots of administrative [...]

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