Advertisement Planning for Your Own Startup Ad Business


Let’s face it: Getting your very own advertising business up and running can pose its own set of challenges – some easy, some rough and others somewhere in between. So where do you start?




Choose the type of ad agency desired. Do you want signage, visual ads, print, SEO design, Google ads, radio or other media involved? Brainstorm.


Follow-up with a local business permit. This makes you “official”. Now you’re in business!


Get a printer, a landline phone and a fax machine, for starters. Add in some furniture and other office supplies. What else may you need?


Digital photo scanners rock! Adobe Creative Suite delivers. Try a digital camera.


Social Media Planning

Marketing materials, yay!!!!

Why not get professional business cards while you’re at it? Company brochures and flyers help. Variate!

Business listings, people! (;

We can’t state it enough! List, list, list! List your business on every platform:


Content Producing

Reach out for rates first!

View competitor rates. Scrutinize their strategy. Compete!

Time for a campaign

Invest in campaigning for your content. It pays off. Believe us.

Join other networks.

“Network around”. Register for newsletters. Subscribe.   


Have you tried these:

-Graphic designs?
-2d/3d animations?


If you can do these all, you can run any ad business. But let US do these all for YOU, and your work will be even better. We guarantee it. Try us today!

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