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Marketing Automation Platforms is a subsection of 4Spot Marketing, and is designed to help you understand how automating your business can help make your life better.

We are Certified Partners with one of the most powerful CRM systems on the market, and we can help you systematize and automate your entire company. From marketing automation (that continuously stays in contact with prospective clients), to sales pipeline management (so no one falls through the cracks), to complete operational tracking and automation, we can build the system that works for you.

Stop losing sales due to people who fall through the cracks and end up not getting that all-important 8th email (did you know that 80% of sales happen between the 5th and 8th email?).

Quit wasting time sending that same “Thank you” email that you send after every phone call.

We can automated it all.

Contact us today for a free consultation to see how we could help you live a more relaxing life by automating your business.