5 Remarkable Business Automation Hacks That Will Free Up 10+ Hours A Week

It’s a common perception for most small business enterprises to think that business automation is geared for mega-corporations. But the truth is far from it. In fact, business automation can, does, and will benefit everyone. Once we change our mindset, our business can reap immense profits from automation. And here’s how we need to look at it.

Analyzing the bigger picture

We all have tasks and assignments that are currently left pending right now due to shortage of time. Don’t worry, it’s normal. In fact, most of businesses face sudden mishaps that were honestly out of their control. Say for example there was a delay in the delivery of a given order. Or perhaps one of your clients pulled out in the last minute before you could finalize a deal. Will you blame yourself for such hiccups? Absolutely not!

Bearing this in mind, the vitality of business automation is brought to light when we need to save time during critical situations. Because let’s face it, if we fail to act, our businesses could lose thousands of dollars every year from uneventful mishaps!

Secondly, there are just some tasks too mundane for our employees to handle without feeling exhausted. And the addition of business automation to their work will help to:

  • Improve the overall customer experience
  • Increase productivity of the business
  • Improve the quality of our business model

So now that we’ve develop the basis of utilizing business automation, here are some amazing business automation tricks you should incorporate in your business to help you save on time and capital!

  1. Learn how to filter your emails the automated way

You can utilize a smart inbox (there are quite a number of software to choose from) that will automatically gather emails from the multiple accounts that your business has, then proceed to flawlessly categorize them. You can then execute and process them in the future.

Moreover, if you’ve got vital emails that need to be looked at, you can pin them towards the upper part of your inbox. These can also be assignments that you need to swiftly execute; or maybe essential information that needs to be reviewed at a later time.

  1. Improve your reporting via automation

By incorporating automation to your reporting, you can say goodbye to countless hours spent on reporting spreadsheets. Because it’s no secret that manual reporting of spreadsheets is prone to errors!

You can utilize business intelligent CRM software such as Infusionsoft that can effortlessly analyze your business information. The software will further employ the use of visually insightful graphics to create useful reports. These reports can now help you easily track your data for more rewarding results.

  1. You can easily check out your online presence and know how you’re fairing on

Knowing your business’s’ online presence is vital for its marketing model. Not only does it save on time, but it lets the company know what future steps should be taking to increase brand awareness. For example, Google AdWords lets you automatically monitor and know the right industry keywords related with your clientele’s needs. This helps you effectively gear your future marketing strategies to target those keywords.

  1. Automatically handle low-priority emails

Isn’t it quite daunting to find yourself re-reading the same email you’re about to send, hoping to get rid of all grammatical errors?

Instead of wasting precious minutes doing so, you can alternatively access Gmail’s canned response feature that will help you draft up emails before you need to use them. They will then be automatically sent whenever you receive an email containing a specific word or phrase. Talk about making things much easier for you!

  1. Keeping an eye on the competition

Thanks to business automation, keeping up to tabs with the competition has become much easier. Initially, we had to execute rigorous tasks just to keep an eye on what our competition was doing, But with how widespread marketing is; that is social media, blogging, lead generation, and SEO strategies, traditional approaches just don’t make the cut anymore. Thanks to automation tools such as What Runs Where, you can easily receive an alert every time your competition publishes a new blog or even launches a new product.

In parting, it’s pretty clear that business automation not only frees up your hours, but saves you a lot of money in the long run. If you’d like to seamlessly integrate automation into various aspects of your business, perhaps it’s high time you booked a free consultation here at 4SpotMarketing. We will gladly share essential content that will help you incorporate automation easily into your business!


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